The Fashion Colors For Autumn And Winter

1. Red - Cranberry, Merlot, Chili and Dark Brown

Within the spectrum of red colours we have a nice mix of dark and warm tones with spice from hot chili. Wine tones are perfect for the cooler season, because they add depth and richness to a look. Merlot is a deep red colour with just a hint of brown that exudes class and can be combined chic with the slightly lighter Cranberry. The fiery red of Chili exploded on the catwalks and showed the wild side of the colour trends. A timeless eye-catching colour, perfect for an evening dress, while as an accent it went well with the neutral colours and warm tones that we saw and it is a crowd pleaser, this colour suits everyone. Dark brown; just like coffee, this ultra-brown colour is rich and robust, offering a neutral option that works beautifully with other earth tones in outfits where black does not.

2. Pink - Peach, Rosy and Cool Pink

Rosy is a sweet but not exaggerated hue, a rosy peach colour that is slightly muted. A feminine and light colour, actually an unusual choice for the fall, but due to the processing in sleek uniform designs and combined with dark (such as Merlot) shades it gives a nice clear cachet. Peach pink is one of the IT colors this winter, a slightly warmer shade than Rosy, and often boldly combined with neon colours and olive green. Cool pink; this fun hue is bright and vibrant, adds a fresh accent when used as an accessory and worn as the main colour in an outfit, think of a chunky knit sweater with skinny pants, or a tailored blazer with long skirt and orange accents on the hem.

3. Soft brown - Hazelnut, Almond and Caramel

We're going nuts! There are a number of nutty options in the colour palette, with Hazelnut as a soft brown with a hint of a peach shade. This colour was especially beautiful in earth tones, combined with dark brown or lighter tones. The sweet brown of Caramel tends to be slightly red, so it fits well with the heavily represented reds this season. It is described by Pantone as "tasty", and we agree! These soft browns are often presented in leather with an accent in a seventies vibe in emerald or olive green and chili red.

4. Yellow - Sunflower, Cheddar, Gold, Orange

Sunflower; this golden hue is as sweet and creamy as yellow can be, with a rich depth that makes it ideal for fall and winter. And then we have Cheddar, this wonderful colour expands the palette of yellow colours and provides warmth. It is a dark yellow with orange that is typically autumnal. If you dare and want an energy boost you will love all the orange offers that are part of the colour trends for the fall of 2019. The metallic colour of last season was silver, but for the fall and winter of 2019 it's all about gold. This rich colour represents luxury and opulence in a shameless way.

5. Green - Emerald, Forest Green and Olive Green

Olive is a somewhat functional variant of green, because it is reminiscent of military clothing. This shade works almost like a neutralizer, and is extremely wearable for almost everyone. Olive green kept appearing in militaristic streetwear looks with bomber jackets and loose pants - as unisex as you can get in women's clothing - it is reminiscent of environmental awareness and eco-fighters. Forest green has been a keeper since last winter, the dark green shade is slightly cooler than last year and is used to create a chic and luxurious silhouette. Emerald; described as "meditative" by the Pantone Color Institute, this is deep, neutral green that is only a hint lighter than Forest Green.

6. Blue - Stone Blue, Night Blue and Galaxy Blue

Blue plays a major role in the colour palette, it is simply a favourite colour for many people and a shade that also combines well with many other colours. Stone blue is a calm, subdued colour that has just enough warmth to be flattering. The top colour of the season is Galaxy Blue, it is a royal shade reminiscent of the universe. It is the perfect primary colour and combines nicely with black, gray, tan, dark red, brown etc. The deep dark colour Night Blue is also present this year, at a distance the colour is almost black and it is almost impossible to have a colour clash with Midnight blue. It is easy to integrate into any outfit and it is a perfect colour for denim (very dark denim is hot!).

7. Purple - Grape, Soft Lavender and Deep Purple

Grape; this muted mauve hue stands out as one of the unique purple hues we saw on the runways. It is a subdued colour that is not too dark or too light and tends to cool slightly. It is a beautiful accent on all the blue hues of this season, but it can also be combined with the grey and neutral colours.

The second purple colour is Deep Purple; this imperial steel-purple shade is a natural choice for the cooler seasons, because it is deep, dark and reassuring. This colour gives a royal touch to chic button-up and evening dresses.

Soft lavender purple was one of the main colours last spring, and it has lasted for this fall and winter. Mixed with the shades of grey and blue of this cool season, the look becomes clearly wintry, while when it is mixed with yellow and brown, it becomes more of an autumnal look.

8. Grey - Pigeon Grey and Pebble Grey

The use of Pebble Grey was clearly professional, grey can be sober, but in the fall of 2019 colour trends it had the luxury effect because of the extravagant fabrics used in many outfits. The fall and winter collections were full of uniforms and other types of professional clothing in luxurious fabrics, with a monochrome look that is particularly elegant.

Dove grey is lighter than Pebble gray and is therefore more lively and exudes elegance and charm instead of austerity. It is described by Pantone as "unpretentious", although we can assure you that designers have done their utmost to achieve the opposite.

9. White - Off-White, Cream and Soft Beige

Off-white; this beautiful white shade was the winning light-neutral shade during the fashion weeks in Milan and New York and gave an airy, light accent to any outfit.

You cannot fail with a soft cream colour, and this appeared as a lighter detail on dark neutral outfits, but became really cloudy and creamy in monochromatic looks.

With a subtle hint of peach, the Soft Beige colour softens and gives a creamy look to any look. This colour is just a bit too feminine to be neutral, but it does work well with the softer peaches we've seen a lot this season and Off-White and Cream.

10. Black

The timeless base is of course black, both monochromatic and with bright colour accents and especially combined with floral prints and gold accents. And black stockings are a hit this winter.