10 Top Fashion Trends For This Year

Bags on bags

When it comes to bags, 2020 will be about the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires and other similar styles. Prada is going back to nylon with bag on bag effect and Fendi too has a super range of bags with mini bags attached.

2. Olive green a new black

Olive green/khaki is one of 2020 highlights. Previously teamed with pastel blue, 2020 is all about teaming green with green.

3. Animal Print

Not new but a trend that will continue. 2020 sees animal print in velvet fabrics for cooler months and lots of flouncy shoe string versions for Spring/Summer.

4. All White

Note too the trousers with a tie on the bottom – this is a trend that will last a few seasons to come for sure. Invest now in a lovely new white suit!

5. Leather

New on the scene will be more long leather trench coats. Dare to try a colour like orange or brown and make a statement wherever you go.

6. Feather Trim

Feather trims are going to be the favourite way to dress up a look in 2020!

7. The long blazer

A good blazer could be all you need to make an outfit complete. This year’s winner when it comes to the stress free outfit!

8. The gold come back

Gold has found a new revival. Am convinced this trend is a little like the white boot trend – it will take many of us some time to fall in love with but is also here for longer than we think.

9. Three dimensional sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses the hot hot new look is to work with the three dimensional frame! Make sure to have the right colour for your favourite outfit.

10. Tartan

Tartan as such has been top of the Fall trend list recently but this year it takes a twist in that we will be talking tartan suits. Match your tops and bottoms – this is what 2020 demands of us!